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You may combine Home Repairs, Services and Remodeling Projects on a single work order. Get your To-do list ready and call.
Unless you have an emergency, I would prefer 2 hour minimum bookings. 
It will be more efficient on the long run, think also about preventive care items. 
Below just a few of the common services and repairs.
​Also go to "My Services" to help putting together Your list.
  1. Title 9
  2. Title 11
  3. Title 12
  4. Title 13
  5. Light Bulbs - Energy Saving and Replaccments
  6. Title 15
Door Knops are getting loose over time. You don't need a new one in most cases.
Put in on your "to do list" 
Air Filter Replacement:
See the difference between a new filter and one working for 6 month.
New homes often come with a water filtration system installed.
Replacement cartridges may be expensive. I can replace the cartridges, increase the cartridge size and life time if requested, change out the filter heads to allow easy and inexpensive future replacements, and occasionally include your fridge into the cleaning cycle.
Faucets and leaks:

Some faucet suppliers will
send  parts free of charge 
Light Bulbs:

Consider going to energy saving Bulbs.
This could save you money in the second year already
Smoke Alarm Detectors:
Testing and Battery change
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